ARTWORK Provenance

This page further explains why we may ask for buyer/ seller personal details and what we do with them


Provenance is used to record the history of ownership of an artwork from the time it is created onward. Provenance helps establish authenticity of a work and can be used as a means of confirming legal ownership of an artwork.

Screaming Rooster believes maintaining artwork provenance supports artists, artwork owners, galleries and prospective purchasers, mainly it helps the artwork itself.

Our gallery uses ArtMoi to catalogue and manage all artworks that come through Screaming Rooster. We securely retain the history of works when that information is available, and permission is given by buyers and/ or sellers.  The full information is available only to selected gallery staff on a need to know basis.

All artworks that pass through the gallery are listed under ‘Artworks’ on this website.  We do not retain any provenance on our website, rather we have a reference we can use internally back to ArtMoi, and hence the provenance. It can be seen on each artwork page and takes the form:


Should anyone enquire about the provenance of an artwork, we could supply what we know listed in chronological order, beginning with the artist and date of creation then moving forward to the present day.

We do not give personal details of ownership (unless required by law), rather the date range of ownership preceding:

– Private collection and location; indicating we know the work was owned by a person or private entity
– Private Dealer and location; showing the work was owned by a dealer, gallery, auction house, or agent
– “Private Dealer” and location if the artwork passed through a gallery without their ownership, such as sold on consignment.

If we are uncertain about any details, we use the term ‘probably’.

An example would be:
2017–2020 Private collection, Christchurch NZ.
2020 “Private Dealer”, Dunedin
2020- Private Collection, Dunedin

Provenance is the exception, not the rule for most artworks. Screaming Rooster’s aim is to do what we can to support provenance for works we are involved with. At some stage we would like to make provenance, given as the example above, available for each work on our website; that way over time this information could become more complete.

Our data in ArtMoi is quite complex with provenance being a small portion.

If you have any questions about Screaming Rooster, ArtMoi or our Artwork Provenance, please drop us an email and see our Privacy Policy.

For more information on Art Provenance here are some links we see as worthwhile: ArtMoi Blog, Queensland Art Gallery, Cornell University, National Gallery of Australia.