Mentalist Collective & Before The Snooze

Mentalist Collective & Before The Snooze

November 20, 2020 7:30 pm - 11:00 pm Screaming Rooster - Basement, 6 Stafford Street, Dunedin Central

The Mentalist Collective comprises four Dunedin-based songwriters and multi-instrumentalists. Together they create unique music using a variety of instruments and 4 piece vocal harmonies. With influences spanning from traditional Celtic music through to modern folk artists like Mumford & Sons, the Mentalist Collective will flood your ears with catchy melodies.

The Mentalist Collective will be joined by Before The Snooze. After forming in early 2018, they have been finding and refining their sound, initially at the Treehouse Studios, and more recently in their Vogel Street band room. Influences include indie, rock, pop and punk. The result – catchy, foot tapping, hook laden nuggets of indie guitar jangle.

If you want crowds and noise drowned music, head to the Octagon bars. If you prefer a personal listening event buy your tickets now or you will miss out. They sell fast; only 0 left as you read.

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